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What are Chiropractic Adjustments? Why Don't We Do Them?

As a board certified chiropractor, you would expect us to do adjustments. It's logical, right?

We don't.

There's a specific reason why: they don't work like you think they work.

Adjustments don't put your bones back in place. They don't stimulate internal organs. They don't put your slipped disc back into place or eliminate that kinked neck. They don't even out your leg length discrepancy.

All they do is temporarily alleviate pain. They are a safer version of Tylenol, Aleve, or Motrin. But, much like those over-the-counter drugs, they do nothing to fix the root cause of your pain. Adjustments function like cortisone shots, or Icy Hot. You'll be using them forever because you'll never solve the real issue.

I adjusted people for close to three years before kicking it to the curb. What I found was that by adjusting patients, I enabled them to return to whatever activity was causing the pain, thus making it worse in the long run. Even when I removed adhesion, the adjustment gave patients a false sense of security. This would cause patients to develop a reliance on the clinic.

At Wildcard, we use treatments that are safe, effective, and durable. Chiropractic adjustments are safe. Depending on your desired effect, they can be effective. However, they lose out in the realm of durability. The pain-relief from a chiropractic adjustment can last anywhere between two hours and two weeks. With shockwave therapy, the effects are permanent. Much like plaque on your teeth, once it's gone, it's gone. Sure, the adhesion can come back over the course of months, much like plaque, but that's contingent on your activities of daily living.

Longevity care is not a foregone conclusion and is based on a triage of your lifestyle: metabolic health, structural changes, and load.

In short, we decided to forgo chiropractic adjustments because they weren't helping you truly get better. You, as patients, yield a positive effect from this change, getting better faster and for longer.

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