A Complete Diagnosis


What is a complete diagnosis?

At Wildcard, your diagnosis is so important, we include it in our classifications of treatment. All great care plans start with a point of certainty. If you do not know where you’re aiming, you cannot hit the target.

Our intake and exam process utilizes an immense level of detail. We grade the function of each joint that can potentially cause your pain by measuring range of motion. We palpate each structure that can limit that function. We tie in all symptoms to your exam results.

We also prescribe and go over imaging report findings to make sure we have the full picture of your pain.

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At Wildcard Spine and Sport, we specialize in fixing pain that’s lasted longer than six months, even if you’ve seen two or more providers. We are the only practitioners in the five boroughs certified to diagnose and remove adhesion. Click the button below or call the office today at 917-908-0055.

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