Manual Adhesion Release


What is Manual Adhesion Release?

When adhesion is deep and we are unable to use shockwave therapy, our hands are our primary tool to remove adhesion. This is why it is referred to as "manual adhesion release." By locating the adhesion, tensioning the adhesion with our thumb or index finger, and stretching the tissue, we can use shear force to remove the adhesion. This requires a tremendous amount of precision and anatomical knowledge. 5-7 pounds of force must be applied to the adhesion to adequately tear it off.

Imagine there’s a piece of dried bubble gum on a rubber band. In order to remove the gum, you’d place your thumb against it and stretch the rubber band under it, shearing the piece of gum off. Manual adhesion release is just one of the methods we use to fix the pain you have been experiencing.

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At Wildcard Spine and Sport, we specialize in fixing pain that’s lasted longer than six months, even if you’ve seen two or more providers. We are the only practitioners in the five boroughs certified to diagnose and remove adhesion. Click the button below or call the office today at 917-908-0055.

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