Knee, Ankle, and Foot


How we treat knee, ankle, and foot pain

Your legs are the powerhouse of your body. As a bi-pedal mammal, all of our locomotion is driven through our legs. While knee, ankle, and foot pain is not life-threatening, it is quality of life threatening. Pain here can make the simplest of tasks excruciating.

All effective treatment starts with a complete understanding of what is driving your pain. Our intake process is comprehensive. This allows us to create customized exams in order to pinpoint the root cause of your issue.

Range of motion testing is an important aspect of solving your pain equation. The areas on your body that lack the most range of motion are likely causing your pain. Adhesion, degeneration, and weakness are among the causes of your lack of range.

Knee pain features a heavy dose of adhesion, meniscal degeneration, and tendinosis. Patients typically get 40-60% relief after 8-10 visits. Ankles and feet feature heavy doses of adhesion, tendon degeneration, and fascial degeneration. Patients typically get 40-60% relief after 10-12 visits.

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At Wildcard Spine and Sport, we specialize in fixing pain that’s lasted longer than six months, even if you’ve seen two or more providers. We are the only practitioners in the five boroughs certified to diagnose and remove adhesion. Click the button below or call the office today at 917-908-0055

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