Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that describes burning, numbness, or pins and needles in the thumb and hand along the Median nerve distribution.



Although Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the medically accepted term, it is imperative that you obtain a more specific diagnosis. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by either:

  1. A Median nerve entrapment at the Transverse Carpal ligament due to adhesion
  2. A Median nerve entrapment at the Transverse Carpal ligament due to arthritis
  3. A Median nerve entrapment at the Pronator Teres muscle

I cannot tell you how many patients have come in, telling me that they already got hand surgery, with no relief, only to remove adhesion with Shockwave Therapy in their Pronator Teres and finally getting relief.

Before electing for surgery, patients should request an EMG, X-Ray, and even an MRI to confirm their doctor's diagnosis. Only in cases where the Median nerve is entrapped due to arthritis should surgery be done.

Otherwise, the combination of Shockwave Therapy with at-home care will provide you with robust relief.

What to expect

Home treatment

First, it is important to determine whether or not you have a decrease in range of motion of your wrist and forearm. Use this test to determine that. While a nerve entrapment doesn't mean you have to have decreased range, I find it to be the case about 75% of the time.

There are two exercises that you should do. First, utilize the Median nerve flossing as indicated by this video.

Then, if tolerable, utilize the Crab Walk to help develop flexibility and strength.

Our intervention

It is best to combine home care with Shockwave Therapy. Shockwave Therapy can break down your adhesion, free up your nerve, and provide you with relief. The recovery for Shockwave is faster than surgery. The cost of Shockwave is less than surgery. Although you will need 6-8 visits, you won't need to be cut open. In most cases, patients can expect up to 50-75% relief with Shockwave.

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